MUTEY Holder

  • Manufacturer: String King
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Exists in a variety of colors - ask for yours
The MUTEY Holder has been created specifically for placing String King's own mute on a violin or viola tail piece. After a simple installation (which you can perform yourself, taking just a minute) you can have your MUTEY close to the bridge. This way you can combine all the sound advantages of a wooden mute (in this case even with timbre changing possibilities) with the convenience of a rubber mute. MUTEY, unlike most other mute models (placed on strings behind the bridge), does not influence the sound negatively. MUTEY Holder works as part of the tail piece, and doesn't touch strings.
You can easily remove it from a tail piece, almost without a trace.
For the installation - look at photos

Mutey Holder by String King 1

Mutey Holder by String King 2

Mutey Holder by String King 3

Mutey Holder by String King 4