MUTEY-Vln/Vla-Tailpiece mounted-Snakewood

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for Violin & Viola


Clip-on mute for violin/viola- Tail piece mounted -

Snakewood and/or Ebony/Metal spring

by String King

String King presents a completely new type of a mute which makes it possible to vary the sound of a muted instrument. It was inspired by a well known everyday tool but it was improved both practically and aesthetically.

Normally one can put a mute on a bridge in only one way, but MUTEY can be put on the bridge at a variety of depths, which means that timbre and loudness of the sound can be varied too.

Thanks to its spring mechanism you can put it on and off without any undesirable noise.

The rear part of MUTEY is broader than the front part, which guarantees that no part will touch the vibrating string in front of the bridge. You don't have to think about it -  MUTEY glides in smoothly in the right place.

Mutey for violin and viola from String King 3

You can have MUTEY close at hand, placed on your tail piece, just a few centimeters away from the bridge.
If you have a modern type of tail piece on your instrument you can put MUTEY in one of the empty string holes.

Mutey for violin and viola from String King 2

If you have a baroque type of a tail piece your violin maker can drill a special hole, or better still, you can buy one of String King's baroque or classical tail piece models with the hole specially designed for MUTEY (Tail pieces for Mutey).

Mutey for violin and viola from String King 6

Different types of mutes hanging on strings behind the bridge influence the vibration of the strings even when they are in "resting" position. MUTEY is installed on the tail piece itself, becomes in a way a part of it and in this way does not mute when not on the bridge. Its pin, which is placed into the tailpiece hole is covered with leather which makes it stable and secure. You should always put it in and out of a tail piece by twisting. But remember to take MUTEY off before closing your instrument case.

Of course you can keep MUTEY, as any other wooden mute, separately and put it on when needed.

Mutey for violin and viola from String King 5 Mutey for violin and viola from String King 4

Tail pieces for MUTEY

If you want to put String King's revolutionary clip-on mute MUTEY on your historical instrument you may order one of the baroque or classical tail pieces in our shop. It has the hole specially drilled for placing MUTEY.

Some models have a saddle as an integral part of the tail piece. Violins before the middle of 18th century usually had low tail gut saddles and the saddle of the tail piece is a kind of replacement. It creates the right angle of strings on the bridge of a violin.

These models are made based on preserved original tail pieces (look at "Matching products" below).

Mutey for violin and viola from String King 1