Peg Turner – PEGGY - Bass Viol - Plastic

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Peg Turner–PEGGY-B.Viol-plastic

Peg Turner – PEGGY - plastic

for Bass Viol

Price incl. sugru
For different models of pegs up to 35mm broad.

Sometimes the pegs of your instrument are stuck so hard that you can't move them. There is help now  – PEGGY. With the power of your whole hand you can turn and fine-tune even stuck pegs. 
You can keep PEGGY in your pocket, your instrument case or you can hang it on your music stand.
It is solid, lightweight and pleasant to hold. 
Using the popular self-setting silicon rubber sugru (attached) you can fit your PEGGY to all types and sizes of pegs. 
You can read more about sugru on their web site

The photos below show the simple fitting procedure:
Warm up and form sugru with your fingers.
Put some oil on your instrument peg and press it into PEGGY (with sugru inside). Remove PEGGY carefully. Your PEGGY is now perfectly fitted to your pegs. 
After 24 hours sugru becomes firm but gentle on the surface and you can start using it.
We send one little package of sugru with PEGGY and you need only a drop of oil (or you can buy our Oily) to do this simple fitting procedure.

If there is a lot of empty space at the bottom of the hole you could use mashed paper to fill it, before you put sugru.

When it's dry, there is no danger of breaking its thin wall.


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