Emergency Clamp - Violin - Maple-stained

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Violin Emergency Clamp - Maple

A violin can open unexpectedly at the edge (specially in a dry season). The result is usually buzzing and sound deterioration. One has to leave the instrument with a violin maker for gluing. If it happens before a concert, especially on tour, you are in trouble.                                                                                                        String King’s Violin Emergency Clamp will help you in such a situation. You can put it on the edge of your violin, wherever needed, and tighten both screws, chinrest-style.  The small, predominantly wooden device is quite discreet so you can even perform your solo without public noticing anything. You can carry it in your violin case without problem, so it’s always ready for action. Attached, there is a small Chinrest Key for use with our clamp and with any chinrest fittings. 

When a concert or a tour is over you can go in peace to a violin maker to glue your instrument.