Tailpiece -Vln-with Saddle-Maple/Larch+Tail Gut

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Tailpiece with Saddle - Vln Maple/Larch + Tail Gut

Tailpiece-Violin - with Saddle - Black Maple Veneer/Larch + Tail Gut; length: 110 mm

Length: 110 mm

This is a new type of a tail piece inspired by the historical research of Mr. Damian Dlugolecki. Modern violins and violas have a slightly elevated saddle, supporting the tail gut. Baroque instruments had much lower saddle which resulted in the acoustically less favourable angle of a tail piece. Some preserved baroque tail pieces show that baroque instrument makers had another way of solving this problem. If your instrument has a low baroque-type saddle – it is a tail piece for you. To find out more about this set up click here.

This model has 2 tail gut holes, large enough for thick gut (2,7mm), important in this set up (the tail gut is included).

The string holes are drilled in a way that reduces a risk of sting breaking.

Tail Piece Violin Baroque model with Saddle Ebony/Larch + Tail Gut