Postal service in the EU became much slower in recent months and it may sometimes take weeks before a registered letter arrives, so take it into consideration. Courier shipment is much quicker and safer.



Our backless concert shirt is back, now 30% cheaper.

With traditional or detachable collar black or white and white with Windsor collar. 

Not all sizes are available any more. The length is not so important (you can choose 188 cm even when you are much shorter)  but check the collar size.

Check it under Comfort products



Dear UK customers,

We can ship to the UK only with a courier, via customs (from 19 EUR).
The UK decided that for orders under £135 (about 160€ now) the seller should collect British 20% VAT and transfer it later to Britain. Unfortunately, it doesn't quite work for the Polish tax authorities, which charges us the income tax on this VAT amount. This creates problems with issuing an invoice which could be accepted both in Poland and in the UK but  can be solved. String King is now registered in the UK for the VAT.
These are new sale conditions for our UK customers:
For orders under around 162€ (£135 right now), shipment not included; you pay 20% VAT directly to us. In order to make it work for Polish tax authorities, we have to edit your order and add 20% VAT as an extra "product".WI have to pay an income tax in Poland, so we have to add 25% to this EU VAT amount. So, if you order for 100€, we'll add 20€ as the UK VAT tax and 5€ as the Polish income tax, which we add to the shipment cost. It gives us much more paper work, and you a smaller extra charge, but you can get your order quicker and without paper work with the VAT tax in the UK.
Your are welcome to make an order, but don't pay it directly. I'll edit it and email you a new pro forma invoice and a card payment link for the new total amount. 
For orders exceeding 162€ (slightly more than £135 right now), shipment not included; you will have to pay the 20% VAT directly in the UK. You can order and pay directly.
Delivery methods in the EU

We send registered letters to all the EU countries. You can always choose a courier delivery option.

Orders to all the countries outside the European Union can be shipped only with a courier. The courier shipment prices range from 15 Euros (in the EU) to 56 Euros (Australia).


Welcome to the String King Web Shop.  

Our aim is to collect in one place a variety of products directed mainly to players of historical instruments. We also offer a choice of instrument accessories from different makers, as well as our own unique devices. If there are items that are not currently available, please contact us for replacement suggestions or for information about waiting time.

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You can find the concrete product, string diameter, or length by writing for instance 1.10 or 140 in the SEARCH box; click first on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner.








You can pay with a credit and debit card via Polish company Przelewy24
You can transfer money to our Euro Account or to our Swedish and Polish local currency bank accounts.
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You can send money via PayPal   You need to have an account with them.

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