How to make an order

How to make an order

String King Inftrukcja po polsku Jak zrobić zakupy w naszym sklepie

Step 1 - Choose the right category

First thing you need to do is to choose the right category of products. Main menu is localized in top left corner (see the picture below). If you're looking for strings - just click "Strings", if baroque bridges  - click "Baroque Bridges" etc…
You can search for the concrete product, string diameter or length, by writing for example 1.05 or 140 cm in the Search frame in the left upper corner.
You can click on frames and buttons with product category names too.



Step 2 – Specify the group of products

To do this, just click on the proper subcategory (central part of page). If you're looking for strings for violin - click "Violin", for viola - click "Viola" etc...


You need to repeat this procedure for next subcategories until you find right group of products. That means if you want buy a-2 string for a violin from La Folia, type high twist/varnished you need to click first "Violin", next "a-2", "La Folia" and at last "hight twist(HT) / varnished (V)".


Step 3 – Choose the exact product

(central part of the page). When you find what you are looking for - click on its picture or name (see the picture below).

Step 4 – Add product to your shopping cart

Now you are on the product site. If you want to put this product into your shopping cart - just click button "Add to shopping cart" (no 2 on the picture below). If you want buy more than 1 piece you should write the number of pieces (pcs) into the frame under this button (no 3 on the picture below). But note, that this number can't be higher than number of pcs which are now available in the shop (no 1 on the picture below).
If the product is not available at this moment (no 1 on the picture below), the button "Add to shopping cart" is hidden and you can only ask us for an availability in the future (no 2 on the picture below). If you ask for it, we will send you an email when the product is in stock again.

Step 5 - Another products or finish shopping

After clicking the button "Place an order" you'll be redirected to your shopping cart. Now you can finish your shopping or you can go back to the store and find another product (button “Continue shopping” - see the picture below). If you don't know how to choose another product - go back to the step 1.
How to finish shopping
You can manage products in your shopping cart (picture below – box no 1, orange). You can remove/Delete a product from your shopping cart (red X on white background on the right side). You can change Quantity of products - write a new number of pcs in the correct frame and then click button "Update shopping cart", below the product list, right side.
You can see the total cost of your products (picture below – box no 4, red).
If everything is OK you can finish shopping:
  • Choose the country we should deliver your products (picture below – box no 2, green).
  • Choose the method of payment (picture below – box no 3, blue). 

If your order amount is higher than 170/330/550 EUR our software will automatically display an information about your discount. To use this discount, just follow the instruction (picture below – box no 5, yellow).

Last thing, which you need to do is to fill in your billing address and delivery address (picture below, right box).
If you have already an account in our shop - just log in (see picture below, left box).

If you have a discount in our shop you must log in to be able to use it. WE CAN'T REFUND IT LATER.


Step 6 – Confirm order and pay

Now, please confirm your order, billing address, delivery address and payment method. If something is wrong click the button "Back to cart" and make changes (see step 5). If everything looks good, click "Order with payment obligation" and follow instructions - choose the method of payment and you will be redirected to the proper site. If you choose a bank transfer you have to arrange your payment yourself.