String Oil - OILY - Almond Oil

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String Oil -OILY-bottle

String Oil - OILY

Almond oil - 1 ml.

Almond oil is perfect for string care, specially in humid conditions. You can carry this little glass bottle in your instrument case and use whenever you need to oil your strings. Due to its tiny size it will not cause problems at the airport.

This oil can as well be used against the occasional buzz of metal wound strings during dry seasons (usually winter).

Historical wound strings, lacking a damper betweeen core and wound wire, in particularly dry climate may present this problem.

Tutors of the past (e.g. Friedrich Dotzauer’s ‘Méthode de violoncelle’, Paris c. 1830) suggest lightly wetting the whole string with a few drops of olive or almond oil in order to have the gut core swell lightly and make full contact with the winding again.

Never use water!