Finetune Pegs (set 4) - Violin - 7,8 mm Diameter at Ring

  • Manufacturer: Wittner
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7,8 mm Diameter at Ring

Easy, quick, effortless and very precise tuning (transmission ratio 8.5:1 compared to an ordinary peg)

  • Peg made of ‘high-tech’ composite material and light alloy.
  • The tapered peg is put into place without glue by simply pressing it into the pegbox just like an ordinary peg.
  • Self-inhibiting transmission inside the peg ensures the string can not lose tension.
  • The Finetune-Peg does not need to be loosened or tightened in order to tune a string, unlike ordinary pegs. Simply turn the head of the Finetune-Peg in the desired direction.
  • No wear on peg and peghole (the shaft of the peg does not spin, subsequently there is no friction). 
    • Therefore there is no peg/peghole maintenance required.
  • Climate and humidity change has no influence on the peg.
  • Due to high tolerance manufacturing, each peg is consistently accurate for size, color and quality.


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