Perfection Peg-Vln/Vla-9 mm Set Swiss Style-Ebony

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9mm, Swiss Style-Ebony

Knilling Perfection Planetary Violin Pegs

Perfection Planetary Pegs feature revolutionary application of tried-and-true planetary gears, to ensure non-slip, non-stick tuning. One can play without fear of slipping or sticking pegs. The peg head is made of Ebony.

Knilling Planetary Pegs work very well with gut strings (and there is usually a lot of tuning going on); just make sure that the grooves on the saddle and the bridge are broad enough, so the strings can glide freely. You can quickly correct tuning, even during a concert, without risking your peg slipping.

Knilling Planetary Pegs have a brake mechanism with variable friction. Push in to increase resistance, pull out to decrease; exactly like a traditional wood peg.
The violin maker can install these pegs in the scroll in a similar manner as traditional wood pegs, using a standard reamer. There are no disfiguring holes to drill. No screws are required for installation. They can be removed easily and traditional pegs fitted in their place, if desired.

The 4:1 gear reduction ensures easy and fast precision controlled tuning. Advanced engineering and materials, plus sealed gears for smooth, maintenance-free function and durability. Perfection pegs look virtually identical to conventional pegs when installed, for aesthetic appeal.
7.8 mm is the standard size for violin. 8.3 mm, 8.5 mm, 9 mm sizes are oversize pegs and can be used for viola too.

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