Baroque bow - Cello; model 18th c.

Snakewood, fluted, c. 83 g, 720 mm
Stick: snakewood, fluted

Frog: clip-in frog*, Snakewood or Ebony

White hair

Weight: c. 83 g

Length: 720 mm

The original is in private possession in Sweden.
The original has a screw frog from the end of 18th c. but one can clearly see where the original clip-in frog was placed. This copy has a reconstructed clip-in frog. The tip was made higher (probably at the end of 18th c.) by adding some bone. We omitted this extra bone plate in our copy.    

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*It can be ordered with a simple clip-in frog or with String King's frog screw mechanism

Baroque bow - Cello - model 18th c. back
Baroque bow - Cello - model 18th c. full