Baroque bow - Violin; German/French c. 1680

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Snakewood, c. 38g, 623mm

Stick: snakewood

Frog: clip-in with String King's frog screw*, Grenadilla wood or snakewood

Weight: c. 38g

Length: 623mm

Very flexible stick, specially at the tip. Warm, focused sound.
Short and light model, suitable for 17th c. repertoire, especially in French Lully-style and for Austrian music (Biber, Schmelzer).

This model works very well when hold the French way - with a thumb under a frog.

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*It can be ordered with a simple clip-in frog or with String King's frog screw

String King Baroque bow german english ca 1680

String King Baroque bow germany french ca 1680