Baroque bow - Violin/Viola; early 18th c.

Larch wood, c. 38-48 g, 664- 700mm
Stick: Larch wood

Frog: clip-in with String King's frog screw*, Larch wood

Black hair

Weight: c. 38-48 g

Length: 664- 700mm

Firm stick. Clear and warm sound.
The original in Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna (38g, 664 mm).
It was found in 1982 under the floor in the church outside Vienna, where it was lying from at least 1725.
This is a type of bow, made from European wood, which was common in Germanic countries and Scandinavia (to be seen in many iconographic sources) but is now very unusual in baroque praxis. It was too simple and cheap to be kept and it is a reason why these models didn't survive to our time.
The bow looks thick and heavy but is very light. Despite this it works very well, specially on heavy strings and equally good on viola (heavier models) - the larch wood brings out overtones from the instrument.  
Although the original is very light and rather short, String King makes different sizes and weights of this model.

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*It can be ordered with a simple clip-in frog or with String King's frog screw

Baroque bow - Violin/Viola - early 18th c. back
Baroque bow - Violin/Viola - early 18th c. full