Cello da spalla-G4-medium-silver wound-Lamb-2.80mm

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Cello da spalla G4-medium-silver wound

Cello da spalla/Viola Pomposa - G4-medium tension - silver wound un unsplit lamb gut, type "FU" - 1.90 mm ED


Aquila writes:

Our pure silver close wound “FU” strings with unsplit lamb gut cores are produced with the aim of recovering, as much as possible, the typical materials and proportions of the wound strings in use in the 18th and 19th century (unsplit gut cores, silver wire with a round section, no silk between the metal wire and the gut core, correct balancing between metal and core according to criterion we found through our research).

These strings are indeed rather different from strings of modern conception, as supported by historical sources and by measurements that we are still taking (and listing) from many original string fragments in museums or private collections.