0.50 mm - Sheep gut/Non Varnished - Pre-Stretched

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Vln e-1

Pre-Stretched and quality controlled

0.50 mm - Treble /non varnished - Sheep gut - Pre-Stretched by String King

violin - 1-e
Pre-Stretched and quality controlled by String King 
2 single-length strings with knots
String King has created a special string stretching device on which we stretch strings for several days (tuning them up repeatedly) until they stabilize at a pitch of a-415Hz or slightly above. There are no sharp edges which could damage the strings. 
Before stretching, we make 2 tidy knots and burn the gut ends for security. 
We measure the diameter of each string before stretching. String makers give sometimes a diameter which is not quite precise - we can verify it. The string becomes thinner on our device (and on your violin) by, on average, 0,02mm. 
After stretching we cut the double-length string in half and put back in its envelope with an extra sticker. If the diameter given by the producer differs too much from our measurements (before stretching) we write the correct one. 
In the envelope a string becomes shorter but after putting it on a violin it reaches its stable working tension much faster than a new string, and it stays there. In an emergency situation (and they happen often) you can just put the single e-string, ready with a knot, on your violin and get it in tune much faster. 
And, last but not least, we check the quality of the string. If the string breaks on our device, is uneven or damaged we send it back directly to the producer. Your risk of putting a new string which breaks immediately on your violin is almost eliminated.