Neoprene Cover for the Trinity Basic ViolinCase

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 Neoprene Cover for Basic ViolinCase 

Neoprene Cover for Trinity Basic ViolinCase

Fabric: 2,5 mm neoprene + polyester

Color: Black



This cover provides extra protection for the ViolinCase against impact, heat, cold, and humidity.
It's created for the case Model2 but it works as well for Model 1. 
It’s made of 2,5 mm soft, elastic and robust neoprene, covered with strong polyester fabric, used for making diving suits, or heat/cold isolating covers. 
The zipper opening is from the short side so this cover works as a tight, elastic bag. You have to first remove the neoprene shoulder straps from the ViolinCase. You can attach these straps to the Neoprene Cover. 
You can attach the BowCase in its own Neoprene Cover (order separately) to the narrow transverse straps of this cover. It's possible to attach the "naked" BowCase with an additional strap.
You can as well use the wide polyester straps with pitons (order separately).