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Pardessus, String Set, Medium

PARDESSUS SET - Synthetic, wound strings, - Medium tension 

The F-Red Series are the new synthetic strings for bowed instruments, developed by Aquila Corde Armoniche as a valid alternative to natural gut.

Eco-sustainable, stable in intonation and durable, the new F-Red Series are our answer to the needs of all students and musicians who have to face conditions where the use of gut becomes too demanding, such as

  • high temperature and humidity conditions, typical for example of some sub-tropical countries (e.g. South America and Africa);
  • high cost for the replacement of gut strings that students have to face when approaching the study of ancient music instruments.


  • to avoid damages, do not cut the strings; in case you want to shorten them, first spread some quick glue around the point where you want to cut;
  • once installed, before you start playing them, it’s important to apply some rosin on the portion of the string that will come into contact with the bow.

How to properly install the F-Red synthetic strings for early music:

The F-Red Series must follow a specific installation procedure that will prevent any kind of breakages and avoid tuning stability issues (the same procedure is also recommended for gut strings).


You can read more about these strings here: