Neoprene Shoulder Straps for Trinity ViolinCase and other cases - 1 Pair

  • Manufacturer: String King
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Neoprene Shoulder straps for ViolinCase 

Shoulder straps for Trinity ViolinCase - Neoprene, Mesh - 1 Pair (2 pcs) - new model

for the ViolinCase

These wide shoulder straps are made of a soft neoprene fabric, with a soft mesh underneath for extra comfort. 

If you carry your instrument, bow case, and add Music Score Pocket or iPad Pocket, it will add extra weight. These straps will make it easier to carry all these items together.
If you go by bike, these straps will keep the case stable on your back, thanks to the chest strap.

You may have to adjust your older model of the violin case by adding small rope loops to the upper plastic foot. Later, you can attach the metal clip hooks to those loops.

You can quickly move those straps between your different cases and soft covers.

One can use them with many different models of cases of different makers.