Soft Neoprene Cover for the Trinity Standard BowCase

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 Neoprene Cover for Standard BowCase

Soft Neoprene Cover for the Trinity BowCase Standard

black neoprene

External Cover for the Trinity BowCase Standard (longer and smaller at the tip) offers superior protection from impacts, scratches and extreme temperatures. It’s made of 2,5 mm soft, elastic but robust neoprene fabric, covered with strong polyester, used for making diving suits, or heat/cold isolating covers. So, if you want extra protection for your bows on the hot sunny day, or freezing winter night (or all year round) you can use this cover.
Using its straps and rubber ropes you can attach it to the ViolinCase. You can combine this cover with the optional Accessory Pockets (order them separately).
You can order the detachable, thin shoulder strap (iff you don't have it already), so you can carry the BowCase in its protective cover on its own.