Tailpiece -Violin -Strad- Maple-Thin Ebony Veneer

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Tailpiece-Strad Model-Thin Ebony Veneer on Maple

Tail Piece - Violin - Model Stradivari - with the Saddle - thin Ebony Veneer on Maple

Length: 115 mm
0,6 mm Ebony Vaneer on top of massive Maple


This is the copy of the original tailpiece made by A. Stradivari for his violin from 1721, called "Lady Blunt" (the most expensive Stradivari violin sold until now).

It was removed in the 19t c. by Vuillaumes during the course of rebuilding this instrument.   


This is another tailpiece made by Stradivari:


This model is suitable especially for an instrument with a lower, baroque-type saddle.

You can order the tailgut separately (preferably a thicker one, 2,6 mm or more). One could possibly tighten it under the tailpiece.