1.00 mm - double twist/Venice -Unsplit Lamb Gut

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Vln d-3, Vla d-2, Tr. viol e-3

1.00 mm - double twist/Venice - Unsplit Lamb Gut

violin - 3-d
viola - 2-d
treble viol - 3-e

The use of unsplit lamb gut, besides being closer to the historical reality of the string makers of the past, has also led to strings with unexpected superior acoustical and mechanical properties, as compared to those produced with gut strips. 
Standard length is 120 cm up to diameters of 1.90 mm.

You can read more about this type of strings here:


Venice Oiled strings, twisted like a rope but with a smooth surface, characterized by a high degree of elasticity, higher than that of any other natural gut string in high torsion. This translates into surprising attack readiness and a richness of higher harmonics.