Violin Pad - Eco-fabric PADDY

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Eco-fabric Violin Pad

Eco-fabric PADDY

A leather-free PADDY - Eco-fabric on polyester/rubber net.

Eco-fabric is cloth fabric made from nano-particles of bamboo-charcoal which has natural antibacterial and anti fungal properties. You can read more about it Here 

 The net underneath Eco-fabric and under the violin prevents instrument from gliding, while parts in direct contact with your skin have all the beneficial qualities of bamboo-carbon.

You can put PADDY on the end-pin of your violin and fix it to the tail piece by a little piece of adhesive velcro tape. The other part of velcro is fixed to the PADDY net. The rest of Eco-fabric PADDY just touches lightly the violin. 


You can first clean a little spot on the surface of your tail piece with some alcohol. You put the Bamboo-Carbon PADDY on the end pin of your violin, remove the paper bit from the back of velcro tape and press it gently to the tail piece - it's done (you can easily remove the velcro tape without any damage to the tail piece).

The Eco-fabric stays clean much longer than normal cloth but you can watch it if necessary. 

As the bamboo-carbon nano particles is distributed inside fibers rather than on their surface, Eco-fabric is washable without diminishing the effectiveness of the carbon powder's special qualities even after 50 washes.