Disposable hand warmer bags

Disposable handwarmer bags

100% natural ingredients. Open the package and remove the warmer from the polybag and expose the warmer to air. Heats up within minutes. Enjoy over 12 hours of 40°C warmth. Size: approx. 9x5 cm. packaging unit: 1 pair

-Vermiculit is a soft mineral which influences the ground fertility due to its high tendency to exchange ions. Vermiculit is similar to mica minerals and it forms flaky crystals. This mineral is often used in cat litter and gound fertilisers. It can also be found in buildings as a safe alternative to asbestos for sound and heat isolation as well as fire protection.
- Charcoal (active carbon) is a fine grain carbon (90% carbon materials) with a large surface area and a highly porous structure. The pores are similar to a sponge in that they are bound together on top of one another. To give you an idea of the porous structure of this material the inner surface area of 2 grams of this charcoal has a surface area of a football field
- salt

Several years in closed polybag.

Warmers are non-toxic and can be disposed of in normal houshold waste.

Handwarmers pass the following quality criteria: ISO 9001 / ISO 9002, TÜV Rheinland, CE.
   String King disposable hand warmer bags
 String King disposable hand warmer bags