Leather Mute - Violin

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Notch distance (distance between the strings on the bridge) - 11,5mm

Notch distance (distance between the strings on the bridge) - 11,5 mm

Mute Summary

Features of this innovative leather mute include

  • A unique slot and notch design that allows you to easily produce two distinctly different muting effects.
  • The leather mute preserves the distinctive tonal qualities of your instrument. The player is better able to hear the ringing of the overtones under the ear, resulting in improved intonation and a superior muting quality when compared to rubber, wooden, and metal mutes.
  • The mute can be custom fitted to your instrument. Moisten the two small notches with a drop of water and then place the mute back on the strings. During the drying process, the nothes will confrom to the string dimensions of your instrument. ONE SHOULD NOT DO IT ON THE "NAKED" GUT STRINGS!