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Violin/Viola Pad – PADDY by String King

String King paddy violin viola String King paddy violin viola String King paddy violin viola

PADDY, combining leather and padding of 2 mm neoprene foam, protects both the varnish and body of your violin or viola from sweat and wear and tear. No moisture can pass from your skin to the surface of the instrument - neoprene creates an impregnable barrier.
A soft but firm foam coating makes PADDY pleasant to hold against your body while a rubber-like surface against the instrument prevents it from slipping. An outside, tight leather pocket feels nice against your skin, is aesthetically pleasing (no more patches hanging and flying around) and stays firmly attached to your instrument. The whole construction is washable in water and soap, so you can keep your PADDY clean and fresh. The soft construction makes it easy to trim to the desired shape so you can adjust PADDY to your own way of holding the instrument.
PADDY comes in different types of leather and a variety of colours so you can match it to your instrument and your practical and aesthetic preferences.


A new and revolutionary String King invention:

  • Protects your violin or viola from sweat and wear and tear
  • Makes holding the instrument more comfortable and less abrasive to your neck and chin
  • Firm attachment to the instrument
  • Aesthetically pleasing – many different types of leather and variety of colours
  • Non-allergenic – (versions in natural un-coloured leather, treated with natural grease)
  • Hygienic – washable
  • Adjustable – you can cut it to the size and shape that is right for you.


Baroque Bridges

String King baroque bridges despiau String King baroque bridges despiau String King baroque bridges milo stamm String King baroque bridges milo stamm String King baroque bridges fiedler

Beside strings, another important factor in trying to get the best sound from an instrument is the set up and adjustment, especially in connection with changing the stringing profile. Experiments (even quite radical) with the placing of the sound post can always be recommended but, surprisingly enough for some, the choice of bridge model has a major impact on the performance of an instrument. We can supply many models of baroque bridge and we strongly recommend adjusting several different models to your instrument to find out which one functions best for just you.

Baroque bridges by Despiau:

  • Violin bridge
  • Viola bridge
  • Cello bridge

Baroque Bridges by Milo Stamm: 

  • Violin bridge
  • Viola bridge
  • Cello bridge

Baroque Bridges by Fiedler: 

  • Viola bridge
  • Cello bridge
  • Viola da gamba bridge

Instruments cases by Artonus

String King Rosin Holder String King Artonus violin cases String King artonus violin cases String King artonus viola cases


Leather mutes by Wiessmeyer Violins LLC
Features of this innovative leather mute include

  • A unique slot and notch design that allows you to easily produce two distinctly different muting effects.
  • The leather mute preserves the distinctive tonal qualities of your instrument. The player is better able to hear the ringing of the overtones under the ear, resulting in improved intonation and a superior muting quality when compared to rubber, wooden, and metal mutes.
  • The mute can be custom fitted to your instrument. Moisten the two small notches with a drop of water and then place the mute back on the strings. During the drying process, the nothes will confrom to the string dimensions of your instrument. ONE SHOULD NOT DO IT ON GUT STRINGS!
   String King leather mute

MUTEY - clip-on mute by String King

Clip-on mute for violin/viola - Snakewood/Ebony/Leather/Metal spring
by String King

String King presents a completely new type of a mute which makes it possible to vary the sound of a muted instrument. It was inspired by a well known everyday tool but it was improved both practically and aesthetically.
Normally one can put a mute on a bridge in only one way, but MUTEY can be put on the bridge at a variety of depths, which means that timbre and loudness of the sound can be varied too.
Thanks to its spring mechanism you can put it on and off without any undesirable noise.
  Mutey by String King


Rosin - 18th c. Italian recipe - by Aquila

Field of application

String King Rosin String King Rosin

For those convinced that authentic criteria should be adopted where possible, we propose a rosin that scrupulously follows the indications of an Italian-recipe dating to the mid 18th century. It guarantees excellent quality even in prohibitive climatic conditions and its characteristics are such that it can be used on any string instrument.

Rosin by Melos

Melos Rosin

High-quality rosin, hand-made in Greece, for use with period instruments.
The baroque rosins have been expertly crafted to work with gut strings.
There are 3 different grades available for violin, viola and cello which are also recommended for use with treble, tenor and bass viol.
Does not contain any chemicals (glucose, sugar etc.)
It is a 100% hand-made product.
It is made of high quality Greek pine-tree resin.

Rosin Holder - ROSY by String King

    String King Rosin Holder  

Rosin Holder - ROSY by String King
Wooden holder made especially for the protection of Aquila rosin.
You can also order it together with Aquila rosin for a small discount


  • Rosin Holder - ROSY
  • Rosin Holder + Rosin by Aquila


Bow Holder by String Kingfor Artonus instrument cases  
String King Bow Holder

String King provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for the safe transport of short baroque bows in our Artonus instrument cases but they work fine in many other cases too.

Tail pieces by String King

Tail Piece by String King   Tail Piece by String King with mute hole   Tail Piece by String King with mute hole and saddle

String King produces several models of baroque and classic/romanic tail pieces in different styles and materials. We offer a new type of a tail piece inspired by the historical research of Mr. Damian Dlugolecki. Modern violins and violas have a slightly elevated saddle, supporting the tail gut. Baroque instruments had much lower saddle which resulted in the acoustically less favourable angle of a tail piece. Some preserved baroque tail pieces show that baroque instrument makers had another way of solving this problem. If your instrument has a low baroque-type saddle – it is a tail piece for you. To find out more about this set up click here.

Fingerboard & Tail pieces by String King

tail piese String King   Tail Piece String King Violin


PegsHerdim String Lifter String King search

 Historical Pegs by String King   Mechanical Pegs by Knilling or Wittner
historical pegs   mechanical pegs

Peg Turner – PEGGY by String King  Herdim String Lifter String King search

String King Peggy   String King Peggy

Peg turner, created by String King, is another practical solution for a common problem – instrument pegs which are hard to turn in very dry or humid conditions. With the power of your whole hand you can turn and fine tune even the most stubborn pegs.
It’s PEGGY power.

String Lifter by Herdim Herdim String Lifter String King search

Practical tool for exchanging, adjusting and fitting bridges. Designed to lift the tensioned strings off of the existing bridge, allowing work to be done without risk of dropping the soundpost. The string lifter simultaneously marks the exact position of the new bridge. The top piece is serrated to match any string configuration. It is made of indestructible fiber-reinforced plastic lined with soft plastic to protect the varnish.

Herdim String Lifter violin viola String King Herdim String Lifter cello String King
Stretto humidity stabilizer deutsh Info auf Deutsch


String Stretcher   – S – T – R – E – T – C – H – Y – by String King
String King string stretcher

String stretcher is an original String King invention. It was created by a baroque violinst for baroque violinists (and other players using thin gut strings). With its help you can pre-stretch your violin’s e and a strings. Every time you need to change the string, even at home, you can use a pre-stretched string and play almost immediately in tune.
String stretcher is small enough so you can put it in your instrument case. It is supplied with a handle for speedy winding and a piece of velcro tape for easy fitting in your instrument case.
– S – T – R – E – T – C – H – Y – just in a case!


Bow Hair by String KingHerdim String Lifter String King search

Bow hair


Tuning Fork by WittnerHerdim String Lifter String King search

String King Tuning Fork Wittner


String Oil Pads – OILY by String King

Small, sealed, disposable serviettes soaked in virgin olive oil, packed in sets of 10, to carry in your instrument case and use whenever you need to oil your strings. No problems in the airports, no danger of spilling oil in your case, not any more - String King has a solution!

  String King Oil Pads


Humidity stabilizer STRETTOStretto humidity stabilizer
The world's newest humidifier-system protects your instrument in all weather conditions!

Stretto humidity stabilizer Stretto humidity stabilizer Stretto humidity stabilizer

STRETTO  is a humidifier to use in your instrument case.
It gives 50-60% humidity for 2-3 weeks in your case.

From personal experience as a professional musician, I am keenly aware of the necessity of maintaining the optimal humidity for a String Instrument. We must protect our fine Instruments and bows from changes in humidity, be it when travelling, making the trip from home to concert hall, or simply adapting to changes in the weather and season.

It is specially important for players using gut strings and historical bows with clip-in-frog. Stretto will prolong life of your strings and will save you seasonal troubles with wound strings (a gut core shrinking and swelling). It will prevent dramatic changes in the tension of your bow.
STRETTO prevents your instrument from cracking and opening.
STRETTO helps maintaining an equal sound quality of your instrument and bow.
STRETTO is available for Violin, Viola and Cello. It works, of course, for other string instruments of similar size.

  • STRETTO Classic HumidifierStretto classic humidity stabilizer
  • STRETTO Colore HumidifierStretto colore humidity stabilizer
  • Spare bag for STRETTO Classic Humidifier - violin/viola (4 pieces)basket spare bag stretto
  • Spare bag forSTRETTO Classic Humidifier - cello (4 pieces)basket spare bag stretto
  • Spare bag forSTRETTO Colore Humidifier (4 pieces)Stretto colore humidity spare bag
  • STRETTO digital hygrometer/thermometerSTRETTO digital hygrometer/thermometer


Stretto humidity stabilizer deutsh Info auf Deutsch